Tiny Toes of Rockland

Capacity: 21

Age: 0-12

Phone: (845) 358-9008
470 Mountainview Ave
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
Day of the WeekHours
Monday7AM - 6PM
Tuesday7AM - 6PM
Wednesday7AM - 6PM
Thursday7AM - 6PM
Friday7AM - 6PM

Parental Guardian NoticePrecautions
Dear Parents/Guardians,
    Attached please find our current reopening plan set for September. I know this is a very scary and difficult time with so much unknown. As always our top priority is the safety and wellness of our children, families and staff. Please read the below reopening plan thoroughly and address me directly with any questions, concerns or suggestions. This is all new to us all and it is going to take a lot to get used to. Also attached to the email is the reopening plan that was accepted by CCRR. In the upcoming week we will ask that you please supply us with a schedule for your child for September. If you child is not attending in September please let us know as we cannot open if the enrollment is too low. We will also be sending out our updated policies once they are received back to me as they were submitted for approval. Along with the new policies will be paperwork that must be completed upon your child’s first day back at daycare. Without the completed paperwork your child cannot return back to Tiny Toes. We will also be sending new consent forms for; sunscreen, bugspray, lotions, diaper cream and any prescribed medications your child must take while at care. As of now it is unknown if we will be allowed to administer Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl etc but we will update you as soon as we know.
     I would like to set up a Zoom Q & A for parents on Tuesday 8/24/20 at 6:30pm. I am asking that you email your questions to me ahead of time (by 8/23/2020) so that I can properly address them (in case I need to seek outside answers from OCFS, CCRR etc). As we get closer to the date, I will send out a link.
     Lastly, I just want to say as an educator and a parent that this time has not been easy, it has been extremely scary and will continue to be a learning process. I am confident that the staff of Tiny Toes is dedicated as always to give your child the most normal experience possible while being safe and following the proper protocols. Please if there is anything we can do to help your child or you transition feel free to reach out. Thank you all, we love each of you so much!

Tiny Toes Daycare of Rockland
470 Mountainview Ave.
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
School Reopening Plan
Designated COVID-19 Resource Person- Regina Barone (Director) with guidance from Kristen Saunders (RN)
Any suggestions, questions or concerns can be directed to the director.
Staffing: All staff complete the OCFS background check and are re-fingerprinted and rechecked every five years. All staff must complete a minimum of 30 training hours every two years. There is always at least one staff member present in the building who holds a first aid, CPR and MAT certification.
Prevention: Prevention of the spread of disease and illnesses is always the top priority of Tiny Toes Daycare of Rockland (TTDR). To promote healthy everyday practices the following behaviors and protocols will be (continued to be) promoted.

  • Handwashing often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Encouraged upon arrival, after using the restroom, after playing outside, before and after meals and any other time deemed necessary for children and staff.
  • Parents are asked to keep their children home if any sign of illness is present, as well as if they have been exposed to any infectious disease.
  • All parents will be asked to complete a one-time attestation form from OCFS, promising to self-screen prior to coming to school. This promises that the parent will not drive to school if experiencing symptoms of illness and will designate someone else to drive his/her child to school.
  • Students and staff are encouraged to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Students will be asked not to bring toys or any other objects from home to school (unless directed for some reason)
  • Staff is encouraged to stay home if ill and not report to work if they have been exposed to a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 patient in the past 14 days, or have traveled to any of the states currently on the Quarantine List.
  • Staff will be required to sign the one-time attestation prior to coming to work for the first day of school. We will ask this of therapists who may come to see a child as well.
  • Staff is required to self-screen prior to coming into the building.
  • All staff and students will be encouraged to cover his/her mouth when they cough or sneeze using a tissue or their elbow and immediately discard tissue into the trash, and then wash hands.
  • All surfaces and toys will be disinfected at least daily and as often as necessary.
  • Prior to reopening and weekly thereafter the entire daycare will be cleaned by a service, The Corredor Cleaning Service.
  • All staff will attend a training on the new policies, procedures, and the COVID-19 virus
  • All staff will wear a cloth mask and school shoes (only worn in building). They will have the option to wear an apron and a face shield.
  • Only essential visitors will be permitted in the building (therapists, fire inspectors, OCFS licensor etc)
  • All staff will maintain a cleaning log.
  • To the greatest extent possible ventilation will be increased by opening windows.
  • Teachers will meet you at the car during drop off and pick up. We ask that you get your child out of the car and we will check his/her temperature. We ask that parents please wear a mask during this time. Teachers will sign your child in and out for you.
  • Classes will be static, there will be no mixing of groups whatsoever, including the playground. During outside play two groups may be outside in their designated area.
  • We will monitor staff/students’ absences. When calling your child out absent please explain why he/she is out sick including all symptoms or diagnosis.
  • Staff will remain appropriate social distancing
  • Students DO NOT need to wear a mask however they can. If your child will be wearing a mask we ask that you send an extra one in his/her backpack.
  • For those wearing masks they will be given masks breaks when necessary.
  • During Circle time children will be facing all the same way and will be separated with 6 feet markings.
  • When students need to go to his/her cubby they will be sent in an appropriate manner to maintain the appropriate distance.
  • Each student will receive his/her own supplies for use (given by daycare)

Management of Ill Persons
Any children or staff with any symptoms of illness will be evaluated by director. If any signs of COVID-19 are present the person will be isolated until he/she leaves the building.
  • Staff will be sent home
  • Students parents/emergency contacts will be notified, and parents/emergency contacts are expected to pick the student up within an hour. We ask that you form a plan in the event you cannot pick your child up within that hour.
  • Immediately following the child’s departure, the room will be closed off until disinfecting is completed.
  • If deemed necessary, the person will be required to receive a COVID-19 test prior to returning to the building.
  • If a child needs a nebulizer treatment only the child and the person designated to give the treatment will be present. The person administering the treatment will stand behind the child. The area will be disinfected once the treatment in completed. Nebulizers will ONLY be given if the completed and updated form is present at the daycare.

  • School Closures: TTDR will collaborate with the Rockland County Dept. of Health to determine the need to close. We will also work with OCFS.

    Outside Area:

  • Social distancing rules will apply
  • One class per outside section allowed at a time
  • Outside toys will be disinfected in between classes, toys will be limited during this time.

  • Identification of signs and symptoms of COVID-19

    As of 7/13/2020 the following are the most common symptoms of COVID-19
    Fever or chills (100 degrees or greater)
    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    Muscle or body aches
    New loss of taste or smell
    Sore throat
    Congestion or runny nose
    Nausea or vomiting and/or
    Staff will watch for any of these signs or symptoms and parents will be notified

    Returning to School after Illness

    All member of TTDR must follow CDC guidelines to return after exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. If a person is not diagnosed with COVID-19 they can return:

  • Once there is no fever without the use of fever reducer and they have felt well for 24 hours
  • If they have been diagnosed with another condition and has a written note from his/her physician stating, they are clear to return.
  • If a person IS diagnosed with COVID-19 they must stay home until”
  • At has been at least 10 days since they first had symptoms
  • It has been at least 3 days since the person has had a fever without the use of fever reducer
  • It has been at least 3 days since the persons symptoms have improved.

  • Daycare Closure

    As you know everything has been so unpredictable and things all around have become more difficult. There are some circumstances that they daycare may not be able to function besides for obvious reasons associated with COVID-19. Some of these circumstances include:
  • Lack of staffing, we always need to be in accordance to OCFS regulations. If we cannot fulfill ratio needs some or all classes may need to be shut down.
  • Lack of PPE and cleaning materials. PPE and cleaning products as well as paper towels and toilet paper has been extremely hard to come by and although we have supply there can be a shortage. These products have also gone up in price significantly due to demand.
  • Low numbers in children can cause for daycare closing as we are a small program and if we are low in enrollment we may not be able to stay open.

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